Strelnikova Yulia

Author's profiles
Academic degree
doctor of psychological sciences (speciality - VAC 19.00.03 Психология труда, инженерная психология, эргономика) from 2017 until now ,
candidate of psychological sciences (speciality - VAC 19.00.04 Медицинская психология) from 2005 to 2016
Science rang
docent, from 2011 until now
Academic rank
  1. employee Saint Petersburg University of the MIA of Russia , Department of Pedagogy and Psychology , Professor , Education level: Doctoral studies Specialty: 37.06.01 Психологические науки
Scientific interests
GRNTI 15.81 Прикладная психология
VAC 5.3 Психология
Vsevolozhsk, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
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